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Fully voice acted tactical shooter with cinematic flair!

…the goblins get to move closer, attack, or even teleport out of the way …. add that to a game with clever little puzzles and you got yourself a doozy of a game… that is, if you needed something more than just the clever little facts you get in between…” JayIsGames

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Some player reviews

“This is really awesome. Love the gameplay. Like shooting/physics game where enemies are not static dumbases”
– EntertainmentForge (fgl)

“Fun, quick, satisfying. Great voice acting and art. All around, I call this a five star game”
– MikeSalyh (newgrounds)

“Very good little game! Nice art. Funny voices and good music that never becomes annoying. Simple and straightforward. I enjyed this game far more than I expected! … Very well done!”
– M00nshad3 (kongregate)

“most innovative stationary shooter game I’ve played in a while…”
– greeneggs4spam (newgrounds)

“Easy, simple and good enough to be fun!!! Loved it! 5 out of fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive FOR KING AZRIEL”
– Slaanesh_ (kongregate)

“haha thank you for making a hilarious and addictive game, it was everything it needed to be”
– anotherplanettheshow (newgrounds)

“Love those “do you know” comments … narrative was fun, and the king’s commentary was helpful and cheeky. The gameplay was challenging without being frustratingly so … Overall, this is the best game of this style that I’ve ever played. Nice job!”
– mordenglorymordenglory (newgrounds)

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